A Weekend for Widowed Women of Christian faith that offers assistance in resolving the physical pain as well as the emotional pain associated with grief.

A Virtual Event that will include real solutions to both the body aches and heartbreaks of loss.

Losing your spouse is a heart breaking experience. I Know I have been there twice. Moving Through Grief Widowed Women’s Weekend Is a virtual event I created so widowed women from across the country can come together to reflect on their loss and discover real solutions to begin healing the heart, the head and our health.

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When I lost my second husband, I was broken; both physically and mentally. I could not concentrate, exhausted, I had chronic insomnia. My immune system already week began to shut down. It started with a little cold sore on the left side of my upper lip. That turned into a basic head cold which most people would have been able to fight off. I could not. I was not healthy and strong enough to do that. The sniffles, congestion, headache, became bronchitis. Within days it turned into pneumonia and then shingles. Everything hurt including my heart. I did not really care to get better. A part of me wanted to spend the rest of my life curled up on my couch in the worn plaid flannel Pendelton shirt my husband once wore.

Do you recognize this place? You may have been somewhere similar. You may still be. But I promise you have better days ahead. More importantly you deserve better days. The healing process is difficult. However, if you approach your grief with God beside you, he will transform you. There are tools that help this. Movement is like medicine, and it can assist in allowing the emotional, physical, and mental scars to slowly heal and fade. Yes, exercise can give us the strength not just in our body but in our mind to live the life God wants us too.

I was blessed because exercise, wellness, movement has been a constant in my life. As a Pilates, Gyrotonic, Dance, and Exercise Coach, I have seen movement transform my clients. As a matter a fact, it had transformed my body numerous times after accidents and injuries, both physical and mental. After my second husband passed away, I had to get to the place where I could remember those times, then I had to get myself up and get to work.

Getting back to a daily practice of movement made my days easier. Exercise strengthened my body, my mind, and my spirit. God was with me every step of the way and the challenges of life after loss became easier to manage. The joy that movement brought back to me is something that God continues to give me the privilege to share with others. I am grateful for this privilege.


Learn the exercise program designed specifically to help us regain physical strength Master ways to combat pain
Gain tools to help with sleep and anxiety
Discover breathing and meditation tools to help us heal
Share your story with others that have gone through the loss of a spouse
Connect with widows and hear how their loss changed their life
Establish a closer relationship with God in the process.
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