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When we are heart centered, we know our true self. We accept what we find joy in, and we celebrate those things by surrounding ourselves with them. Ballet and dance is a passion just like art, fashion and beauty.

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Ms Vaz has been teaching Classical Ballet and Dance for over thirty years. After a dance career which allotted her solo and principle roles that brought her throughout Europe and the States ended due to a unrelated accident she began sharing her love of ballet with hundreds of children.

Sabrina specializes in teaching the Vagonava teaching method. After studying with acclaimed professors of dance including Prof. Ludmilla Kolenchenko (Bolshoi Academy), Prof. Ludmilla Kovalenko (Bolshoi Academy), Prof. Ludmilla Safronova (Vagonova Academy), Prof. Natalya Revich (Bolshoi Academy), Irina Kolpakova (ABT & Kirov Ballet), Prof. Elena Sherstneva (Vagonova Academy), Prof. Vladilen Semenov ( Russia’s Danseur Noble & former director of Kirov Ballet), Prof. Anastasia Ovdienko (Bolshoi Academy), Anton Boystov (Kirov Ballet), Ekaterina Shchelkanova (Kirov Ballet & ABT) Ms. Vaz completed full certification of Levels 1-8 with the famed Bolshoi Ballet Academy of Moscow Russia.

Sabrina loves sharing this systematic approach and uses it in all her classes and private coaching which enables her to offer the challenge and knowledge needed for the serious dancer as well as the acceptance and nurturing required for the recreational student. However she is also proficient in teaching all other genres of dance having began her studies in her Mom’s studio in Boston and the institute of Contemporary Dance in Cambridge Mass. where she performed with the Cle Douglass Dance Theatre. She was lucky enough to continue her education with some of the great dance teachers in New York City including Luigi, Frank Hatchet, the Hines Brothers and David Howard to name a few. Performing in music videos for Atlantic Records and Sony corporation as well as stage shows, NBC and ABC networks making her a well rounded professional. Eventually her passion brought her to London to study Laban Principals, Dance education & choreography at Laban Centre.

It was in London she began developing many contemporary works that she now has in her repertoire. As well as many full length Classical Ballets that she has choreographed and produced including Dracula, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty to name a few. In addition Sabrina has produced the Nutcracker for over twenty-five years for several organizations including the Sandwich Community School, The Massachusetts State Ballet and her own studio Balletworks at Cape Cod Community College. Her solo and group choreography has won many awards in competitions and her students have gone on to attend major celebrated Universities such as NYU, Marymount, Suny Purchase, and the Boston Conservatory. In addition several of her students have dance careers that have brought them to NYC, LA and Europe., the Goodwill games in Sydney Australia and the Bolshoi Ballet, Boston Ballet, Joffery and ABT summer programs. It is with unending dedication that she gives every dancer she works with enthusiasm, quality of education and love of dance.

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