The Gyrotonic Expansion System is a revolutionary movement system that works major muscle groups independendently to increase range of movement and develop coordination. Unlike other systems that move in a linear or isolated pattern this system is performed with spherical awarness making each excercise dimensional, natural and turbulance-free. Consequently the body is simultaneously stretched and strengthened.

Available Sessions and Classes

In the studio on my beautiful Tower in Midlothian VA – or In your own home via ZOOM

Private $100.00 an hour $50.00 Half-hour

Book of 8 One Hour sessions $760.00

Book of Sixteen one hour sessions $1140.00

Book of 8 30 minute sessions $ 380.00

Sixteen 30 minute sessions $720.00

In Home or on location – $125.00 for an hour session.

Gyrokinesis® The origin of Gyrotonic without the equipment.
Group Classes Coming Soon $20.00 via Zoom

Schedule a session of Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis in the greater Richmond VA area  with Sabrina

Contact Sabrina to Schedule Your Gyro Session Today at 1811 Huguenot Road Suite 306 Midlothian or in house/on location

P: 508-527-3846